Personal Application

Everyone needs to put their leadership skills into place in their own ways. It is up to you to decide what type of leader you want to be and how to get there. Each person has their own journey. In this journey, one will face highs and lows. What makes you, you are how you handle these.


Diversity is all around us. People come from all different walks of life and have different opinions. We all learn differently and act differently. Each of us leads ourselves and others in our ways. What is our biggest responsibility with diversity is being respectful of others? Never put down someone else for being different. Uniqueness is what makes the world go round.

Benefits of diversity:

  • Increased adaptability
  • Variety of viewpoints
  • Promotes humanistic values
  • Improves productivity

Personal Problems

Even the best of us have personal problems. Personal problems can range in severity, but what is most important is how you handle it. Personal problems stem from within and it is something that you need to figure out.If you handle your problems with dignity, it shows that you are a resilient person and a good self-leader. People who overreact to personal problems do not lead themselves well. You need to lead yourself in the right direction, and beat your personal problems in the most effective manner possible.

Ways to handle personal conflicts:

  • Avoid behaviors that worsen the problem
  • Be clear about what the actual problem is
  • Try to see what other people's perspectives are
  • Take control of the problem
  • Talk it out
  • Stay calm

Workplace Problems

Conflict is all around us, and sometimes in life we run into conflict in the workplace. Handling problems in the workplace can be tricky, because it must be handled in a professional manner. Acting in a non-professional way can mean the loss of your job.Leadership and conflict pretty much go hand-in-hand. What makes a leader stand out is how well they are able to handle the situation and resolve the conflict so both parties have come to an agreement but not always happy. When dealing with a problem, make sure you always take a step back and think about the situation before acting.

Ways to handle workplace problems:

  • Communicate with each other
  • Define what is acceptable behavior
  • Take the conflict head on
  • Gather information on the problem
  • Create multiple options to solve the issue
  • Be respectful of each other
  • Get all sides of the conflict
  • Never take sides

Social Responsibility

Are you socially responsible? Are you aware of what this means? Being socially responsible means that individuals behave in an ethical way towards different types of issues. This means you are sensitive towards social, economic, cultural, and environmental issues. To be socially responsible, you should work towards having a positive impact on those around you.Social responsibility is something that is voluntary. No one can force you to be socially responsible, but good leaders work towards this. The idea is to be proactive rather than passive. Human social responsibility does not have any specific duties, rather it is based on opinion. It is what you think should be done to make your surrounding environment better.

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